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1951-1952 Jefferson Elementary Staff
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Picture provided by Mildred Johnson Schmidtke

1.Mr.Verge, 2.DwightFinch-BelovedCustodian, 3.ArtLinden,
4.FrancisCoelho-Art, 5.Mr.Lind-Principal, 6._______,
7.Mrs.ElsiePitts-2nd&3rd, 8.RuthMcIntosh-1st, 9._______,
10._______, 11.BarbaraLingafelder-2nd, 12.ViolaPrice-3rd,
13._______, 14.DaleMoberg-5th, 15._______,
16.CatherineCraft-3rd, 17.ArtillaClarkson-2nd, 18.Mrs.Hahn-Librarian,
19._______, 20.MaeKendall-Cook, 21.AliceBrudie-1st,
22.Mr.Campanelli-5th, 23.Mrs.Clausen-Music, 24.MildredSchmidtke-Ktgn,
25._______, 26.HazelDuncan-4th, 27.MarthaWarren-Ktgn,
28.VioletDrucker-Jones-P.E., 29.PaulineWooley-Secretary.

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