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Richland Bombers
Future Classes of '57 and '58
1953-1954 ~ Chief Joseph Jr. High
Band Class ~ Mr. Rickey

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Mr. Rickey's Band Class - 1953-1954
Picture provided by Tom Matthews

Future class of '57 and '58

BACK ROW: 1._______, 2.TomKrider, 3.TerryGroswith, 4.MikeCastelli.

FOURTH ROW: 1._______, 2._______, 3.A_____Sorenson, 4.GaryKiger, 5.KevinReilly, 6.BobShure, 7._______.

THIRD ROW: 1.B____Kelly, 2._______, 3.WayneBromley, 4.LarryBaker, 5._______, 6.D____Harris(?), 7.FrankKurz, 8._______, 9._______.

SECOND ROW: 1.PaulSkalicky, 2.KennyMcLeod, 3._______, 4.TomMatthews, 5.JimMcDougal, 6.JimMcCord, 7.DavidHawley, 8.PaulRicheson.

FRONT ROW: 1.ConnieLogston, 2.MaryBaker, 3.PattyMcLaughlin, 4.J____Douglas(?), 5._______, 6.DonaviePerkins, 7.BetsyCrosley.

E-mail me with row and # if you can fill in any of these blanks

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