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1955-56 Christ the King
Patrol Boys

Picture provided by Chuck Lollis

Tri City Hereald
September, 1955
PATROL OUTFITTED -- Scarlet coated school patrolmen will now be a familiar sight in and about Richland's Christ The King school. Last week, the Richland Police Athletic League furnished the patrol with their traditional red coats, white hats, yellow raincoats and crossbelts and badges. This patrol was organized in September, 1955.

ADVISOR: Policeman, Ted R. Stout

BACK ROW: 1.JamesHodgson, 2.PeterAnderson, 3.JohnO'Connell, 4.BryanCorcoran(Lt.), 5.JayJacky, 6.AlbertKinderman.

MIDDLE ROW: 1.PatrickArtz, 2.DavidDowis, 3.JohnCorrado, 4.CharlesBihner(Captain), 5.HarveyIrby, 6.WilliamRaddatz, 7.DonaldEckert, 8.MichaelCarraher.

FRONT ROW: 1.CharlesLollis, 2.RichardCharette(Lt.)

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