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1949-1950 Jefferson Elementary Assembly
Click on the picture to see LARGER faces.
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Picture provided by Floyd Melton ('57)
Scanned by Tom Matthews ('57)

On the left end of the bleachers, second row down from the top, starting with the 5th person we identify Jim Hoff ('57), Philip Heffner ('57), Eugene Johnson ('57), and then Floyd Melton ('57). At the far right end of the top row going left we think it's Philip Hurley ('57), Daryl Johns ('57), and David Gilpin ('57).

Of the three adults (left, seated) there is Mrs. Pitts, another person then Mrs. Price, both teachers.

There are over one hundred kids in this picture, in the foreground there are younger grades. If you would like a larger view please e-mail Tom and he will send you one.

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