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1964 Spalding Elementary Staff
Click on the picture to see LARGER faces.
Click to see LARGER faces
Spalding Elementary Staff - 1963-1964
Picture provided by Tom Matthews ('57 Bomber)

BACK ROW: 1.KenOlson,P.E., 2.TomMatthews(57)-4th, 3.GeorgeAnderson-6th, 4.RonSwensson-6th, 4.RayLamb-Principal.

FOURTH ROW: 1.RuthSwartz-5th, 2.DonavieMcCue(57)-6th, 3.BerthaRoss-6th, 4.Mrs.Epp-Music, 5.LindaSchleer-1st, 6.PhyllisLeonard-4th.

THIRD ROW: 1.LucilleBailey-Librarian, 2.JessieJulian-3rd, 3.CarolBramhall-1st, 4.MargaretHartell-4th, 5.LelaMoore-2nd, 6.MabelBirdsong-4th, 7.VienaHahn-1st.

ROW 2-1/2:1.InezMiller-Kindergarten.

SECOND ROW: 1._______, 2.MargeFox-2nd, 3.OnaMaeLander-3rd, 4.GeraldineKoss-Art, 5.SibylBolkan-3rd, 6.DorothyFaust-5th, 7._______.

FRONT ROW: 1.PhyllisDavid-2nd, 2.BettyHartcorn-Secretary, 3.Agnes(Nadine?)Badgett-Kindergarten, 4.DixieWalker-1st, 5.FayJones-5th, 6.EdnaDavis-RN, 7._______.

Fill in the above blanks with: AnneEpp,Music; NancyToffer,2nd.

E-mail the webmaster with row and # if you can fill in any of these blanks

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